Buff Up Your Skill Set with Technical Language Courses

You might not have time to nail down 100 percent fluency in a entirely new language, but you do have time to pick up work-specific terminology that will assist you on the job. Using technical language courses, you can tack on a whole new skill set that will also make your job considerably easier. No more running to Google Translate and hoping that it’s right when you need an answer in a language other than your own. Short courses in just about every industry and sector are available for those who are interested in learning.

What Can You Learn in 10 Weeks?

Technical language courses generally run about 10 weeks and include both lectures and labs. However, the written and spoken word is not all there is to learn. Audio and oral comprehension will help you to acquire an authentic accent, and help you to understand spoken conversations as well as participate. These are not your typical Rosetta Stone type language lessons that aim to teach you how to get around in a foreign country, and master the basics of language, but a highly targeted and specialized type of learning. You and your team can benefit, and your clients will appreciate you going the extra mile.

Buff Up that Resume

In an increasingly connected world, companies that find that additional language skills are vital to expanding their markets, and reaching out to a new customer base. By adding skills in additional languages, your resume will shine with the impression that you are willing to go the extra mile in pursuit of satisfying your clients. Whether you’re in sales, production, marketing, or the CEO, completing a technical language course specific to your sector adds to your value as a future employee.

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