How easy is the Cisco soft IP phone to use?

Cisco has an array of phones that can meet the needs of any individual. The Cisco Soft IP Phone is simple, rich in features and accessible virtually from anywhere. It provides all the benefits of a physical phone along with mobility. It is a Windows application that is installed on your PC or Laptop. It requires Windows 98 or better and can easily be installed by purchasing a CD Rom or by downloading the software online.

The Cisco soft IP phone (extension, directory, history of call logs etc…) can be accessed remotely from anywhere by accessing the internet and using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to log into one’s personal account. Once an individual is logged into the account it will appear that the person is operating from the office.

The features of the Cisco soft IP phone

The Cisco soft IP-Phone has the same features as the physical Cisco IP-Phone. It has a caller ID, hold, Volume control for headset and speakers, transfer, do not disturb, redial and more. The Cisco soft IP phone has collaboration capabilities as well such as conferencing. A few of its interesting highlights include 6 different language settings, speed dial to reach a support team member and the drag and drop functionalities such as transferring callers and adding attendees to a conference call.

The most valued benefit of Cisco Soft IP Phone is the capability to access and use your extension to conduct and receive calls from anywhere. Adhering to your client’s needs and attending important conference meetings can be crucial to your business.

Flexibility and options of Cisco soft IP phone

The Cisco Soft IP phone is compatible with Cisco IP phones. It can be used solely as a soft phone or to control the physical Cisco IP-Phone. There are a variety of IP phones to choose from; phones that are set up for video conferencing, for executives and management with nice touch screens, and others that are simple to conduct and direct calls.

Why Cisco soft IP phone?

Since it works off of the PC or laptop, your profile that holds the directory and your contacts are available wherever you go as long as the downloaded application of the Cisco soft IP phone is on your laptop.

The access can be established domestically and internationally. If you live in Los Angeles and travel to New York, Germany or anywhere else, you will have all of your same information to place calls, conduct conference calls and more by simply logging into your account.

Most companies use Cisco Phones, whether it is the physical phone, the soft IP Phone or in conjunction to get the most use and benefit. It is a practical, flexible and cost effective option for business (executives, managers, assistants and telecommuters).

The Cisco Soft IP Phones will continue to evolve in this ever changing rapid world of technology to continuously meet the needs of consumers.


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