Is Business Voice Redmond Right For You?

by | Jun 5, 2013 | Telecommunications

There are many advanced technologies available to business owners. One of the basic functions of any business is their ability to make telephone calls. A Business Voice Redmond service can not only save your business money but it can make calling easier.

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is no longer a new technology. It remains an advanced technology that has changed the way telephone calls are made. VoIP is a telephone connection made over the internet. The data is sent using the Internet Protocol which is a digital transfer rather than using analog lines. The advantage of this type of calling is that people can talk to each other anywhere in the world without having to pay additional long distance or international charges. For you to be able to use VoIP, you need an internet connection, a computer and VoIP software. You will also need a microphone, analog telephone adapter or a VoIP telephone which will replace the traditional handset. Most VoIP software programs will let you use a basic microphone and speaker set to place your calls. Other Business Voice programs will require a VoIP phone, which looks like a traditional handset but connects to the computer with a USB.

There are many providers of VoIP services. One of the most advertised and recognizable is Vonage. Vonage and some of its competitors charge a monthly service fee but there are other programs that allow users to connect and talk for free. The free programs are less reliable with fewer connections and lower audio quality.

When your business depends on your ability to make telephone calls or to connect several offices in different locations, a Business Voice Redmond connection may help make this necessary service more affordable. There is virtually no limit to the services that a VoIP connection can provide. Even businesses with multiple extensions and users can benefit from this type of technology. VoIP can route calls to various office extensions and route the incoming and outgoing telephone calls as well. The software options and providers are extensive so do some comparison shopping before signing up with a single service.

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