Reworking The Traditional: Businesses And VOIP Phone Systems

by | May 8, 2014 | Telecommunications

Technology is always shaking things up in both the public and private sectors. Technological changes can result in businesses, both large and small, revolutionizing their ways of communicating. In New York State, one type of technology is becoming popular for many reasons. This is VoIP phone systems. In NYC, small and large businesses are changing over to this new approach to communications.

What is VoIP?

The initials VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Essentially, it is a means through which the traditional analog signals used to receive phone calls and other information is changed. The method takes the analog signal and translates it into digital data. As a result it can be transmitted over the internet.

VoIP Systems

As telephone service has evolved, so, too, have VoIP phone systems. When it comes to businesses, we no longer look to a single service delivery system. We expect our communication systems to provide us with and satisfy our need for multiple devices or services. We want a single system to handle and deliver everything including:

1. Phone calls
2. Faxes
3. Voice mail
4. E-mail
5. Web conferences

VoIP systems can deliver the desired material to any handset, including cell phones. This provides them with a distinct advantage over traditional landlines and related forms of communication systems.

Why a Business Should Use VoIP

How is VoIP useful to a business? Businesses mainly are responding to the affects it will have on their bottom line. In times where every little saving counts, they are looking toward VoIP phone systems to help them reduce operating costs. Overall, small businesses and larger corporations have discovered the following benefits of relying on a VoIP system:

1. By bypassing the phone company, it is possible to make long distance phone charges VoIP without the phone company’s charges

2. Can reduce travel costs by turning instead to online conference video calls

3. Can increase productivity by reducing the needs to travel and by bringing together the necessary components and people quickly and easily to perform tasks

4. Allows you to easily add more lines without substantially increasing the cost

5. Supports remote access and communication allowing everyone to remain in touch with each other and quick access when required

6. Many VoIP phone systems come with features that are free including conferencing, forwarding and unlimited long distance

7. You can obtain a system tailored to meet your needs

If you consider the benefits of VoIP phone systems businesses, you will come to the conclusion that they provide the answers you need. They allow you to have the technology you want at a very reasonable rate. The services can grow with your business removing one potential worry and letting you get on with what you do best – running your business.

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