The different types of telephone systems

by | May 6, 2013 | Telecommunications

Alexander Graham Bell would probably roll over in his grave if he knew that his invention is now called POTS, plain old telephone system. A POTS phone is a landline, using copper wire and recently, fiber optics to transmit voice from point A to point B. These are analogue services. Other types of Telephone Systems in Harrisburg are digital, cellular and VoIP, or calling over the internet.

Digital systems are typically used in business; the system comfortably supports multiple extensions as well as fax, email, voice messaging, interactive voice response and many other features. A basic digital telephone system will include a set number of extensions; however, the system can be expanded easily as the demand for additional phones increases. The extensions can be used to dial one to another, as well as outside. Many systems have built in paging capabilities, and a preset hold and music that can play from custom sources.

More advanced digital systems feature email notification, notification of missed calls and voice mail. Many modern systems use interactive voice response so callers can navigate through call menus verbally rather than make use of the keypad.

Cellular phones are rapidly becoming a necessary tool in the armory of every businessman; the choices of service are often different from one network provider to another. Although the phones are cellular, they have the same concept as POTS; they are full duplex meaning that the two parties that are on the respective telephones can speak at the same time. The difference is that cell Telephone Systems in Harrisburg use radio frequencies and not copper wire or fiber optics. Cellular telephones are only 20 years old, they started as rudimentary voice only devices, now the modern day smartphone not only has voice, it has data capabilities as well. Most cellular networks allow international calls no different than a land line. Hardly a day goes by without the introduction of new features and new technology, the networks today not only support the phone, they support computers and wireless modems and all the features found on smart phones such as gaming.

VoIP, voice over internet protocol is the third type of telephone system that is truly 21st century. This system uses the internet and drastically reduces the cost of communication. As the system requires only access to the internet via the consumers ISP, there are no other bills. Not only is the service free, it allows for video communications as well as conference calling. The software that is required to turn any computer into a VoIP device is found on the internet for free download. More sophisticated versions are commonly used by call centers and offices that have affiliates all over the country and world.

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